Friday, May 24, 2013

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I've changed my view.  I've changed my perspective.  It happened
subtly.  It wasn't overnight.  It just happened after hours of thought and reflection.  After hours of prayer.  It wasn't something I did
because I wanted to.  It was something God did.  He worked in my heart and my spirit.  He made the desires of my heart His. 
He changed my view.  My perspective. 

I've struggled with how to make the changes.  I've struggled with when to make the changes.  And slowly some are appearing but no one really knows.  It's just me and God and where he wants me to go and where this blog is going.

One day when I have more than 5 minutes I'll write down all my thoughts.  My view.  My perspective.  But today I have a cookie timer set.  And moving quickly to the bell. 
I have to admit even though I know that God has changed my view.  My perspective.  I am not totally happy.  I am not totally pleased.  But I trust.  I believe.  I follow. 
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L. Hedgecock said...

Great post. So honest. We don't have to like--just trust.

Laura Hedgecock

L. Hedgecock said...

Great post. So honest. We don't have to like--just trust.

Laura Hedgecock

Denise said...

Appreciate your honest heart, love you.

Splendid Little Stars said...

great post!

Anonymous said...

Trusting is key, even we don't necessarily like what the plan seems to be at the moment. His way is the best. I appreciate your transparency.