Friday, May 3, 2013

5 Minute Friday--Brave

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5 Minute Friday is the day we write for 5 minutes straight on a prompt.  No real thinking it out.  No editing.  No backtracking.
No worries. 

Here I go....
Start...Brave  I think of how Brave my daughter is and was.
She was Brave almost 3 years ago when she took her 2 year old son and walked away from an abusive marriage. She has and is bravely facing obstacle after obstacle.  And she is growing.  She is blooming.   I made a quilt for her that I called Bloom.  Because I see the new woman.  The newer Godly woman Bravely growing and being what God wants her to be. 
As a child and young woman she was never real Brave.  When she rode horses she chose the slower pace of the Show Ring instead of the fast pace barrell racing discipline that her friends chose.
As I think back the bravest she's ever been was on a horse.  I remember the time I caught her with a metal feed barrel resting on it's side and she was jumping it. (which is much taller than a beginner jump standard) I remember the time she hopped up on her horse bareback and he started bucking.  She hung on pulled his face up and he reared.   She gave him his head and he bucked. 
She Brave(ly) hung on to that ride for over 8 seconds I am sure. 
Finally at my urging she Brave(ly jumped off).  And she Bravely
disciplined that horse.  By turning his face toward her and she chewed him out.  She has a wicked tongue and she Brave(ly) uses it!

But there was a time that she wasn't so Brave.  There was a time that she didn't use her tongue when she should have or could have.
Oh I guess in her own defensive way she was Brave.  She was Brave to trust God.  And ask him to show her the way she needed to go.  She was Brave to wait and she was Brave to act. 

And she Bravely takes each step with God's assurance. 

                                                              Brave Heart

Brave and Joyful
Post Script . . .
When your daughter or someone you love is in an abusive relationship you have to Brave(ly) trust God and seek him.
You have to pray harder than you've ever prayed before.  And
you have to lean on God. 
If you know someone struggling through such a relationship pray that God will give them the strength and courage they need to get to safety.  Pray God puts someone in their life that will give them guidiance and wisdom.  
If it is your daughter do not be surprised if she turns away from you.  Pray more. Pray Harder.  Don't be hurt.  Don't be angry.
Just Pray.  And be Brave.
If you think someone you love is in an abusive relationship seek help.  Do the research and find out what 'abuse' is.  It is much more than actual hitting. 
Be Brave. Be Strong.  Trust God.  And Pray


Denise said...

God bless your precious, brave warrior daughter.

Melissa Wallace said...

Beautiful story about your daughter - thank you for sharing!

Missindeedy said...

It must be hard to watch someone you love not be as brave as you wish they could be. Thank you for sharing part of her story with us.

MTN MAMA said...

Your writing is wonderful. What a journey you and your daughter have been on and are still on. It is wonderful to see faith grow through prayer and lives changed by God!!