Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Vintage Betty Crocker Cookbook Review

Do you have a favorite cookbook?  If I am not going to the Pioneer Woman for help I am going to good 'ole Betty. 

Betty Crocker
This is my staple cookbook.  I got my copy when I got married and I use it alot. 

It is where I found out how to make perfect rice (without buying Minuete Rice).
Page 221 has a recipe for oven steamed rice.  I tried it years ago and it makes perfect rice.   Everytime!

My copy is worn in places from lots of use.  I have written in the margins and made notes for my daughter someday I'll give her my copy.  But I'll have to break down and buy a new one.  Once I save a few dollars.
It's kind of crazy how expensive they are! 

It's a cookbook with simple to read instructions.  The recipes are pretty much just normal everyday food. 
Some of the recipes are a little funny since it was printed waaaaay back in the '70's and housewifes entertained way differently than they do now. 

For example the salad section has a complete section on Molded Salads; as in jello type salads.
Betty is my go to girl for a great Ceasar Salad.  I love the recipe.  I leave out the anchovy fillet.
    Cucumber Souffle Salad

I think I'll pass.  Not a fan of cucumbers. LOL

The Lunchtime Sandwich section is a little humorous with a recipe called Chili Dogs, Taco Hot Dogs and Franks and Sauerkraut. 

One of my favorite recipes is in quick breads.  Popovers are just so yummy.  I made some the other night I just had this craving.  They bring back sweet memories for me.  Popovers were a special breakfast treat for our family.  On special days my mother would bake them. 
Popovers are hard to discribe.  They are super simple to make and take on a few ingredients.  They rise up really pretty and they are usually hollow in the middle leaving a wonderful place for lots of butter. 

The simple muffin recipe is another favorite.  I would much rather make a muffin from scratch than buy a box mix.  I have used the muffin recipe alot even for dinner simply not putting fruit in the recipe give you a great little bread for a meal. 

 Chocolate Chip Muffins are super simple and yummy.

One recipe I cannot master is the biscuit recipe.  And, I am still looking for the perfect recipe.  I am just biscuit challenged! 

If you don't have this 'ole time favorite look around at your antique shops or on the inter-net.  You'll enjoy the simple just down home recipes. 

Happy Cooking



Denise said...

I got that same cookbook when I got married. lol

Debra at HOMESPUN: said...

I had that cookbook when I was married. When we split up and I moved I left most of my books behind but I do recall that I used it alot back then! :)