Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Where Do All The Quilts Go . . .

Welcome back to day two of my week long Ministry tour. Join us and go on a Mission Trip this week without leaving your computer chair.

Yesterday I told a little about the sewing program of our girls ministry. Above is a collage of some of the quilts.

Here's another group...

This was a special project we did our first two years. All these and about 90 more were made for our local school district parenting teens. Every quilt had a teddy bear on it. And they are all totally differnt. Some with applique, some rag quilts, some just plain 'ole piecing. This was a fun project we worked on for about 6 months both years. For me as an instructor it was fun teaching the girls different things.

Our third year we gave 48 child size quilts to a local children's home. Most of them were just simple pieced quilts like the ones at the top of the post.

Years 2 and 3 we also sent over 100 simple baby quilts and fabric drawstring bags to a ministry in Dr. Aroyo Mexico. "Mesas" serves food to people that have relatives in the hospital. The "Mesas" missionaries are not allowed into the hospital so they serve food across the street and minister.

We have donated more quilts than I can count or remember to our local quilt guild to distribute to our county hospital.

This will have to be a short tour...I hope you have enjoyed. I am keeping the grandbaby today and duty calls.

Have a Blessed Day
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