Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Lynn our hostess for Thankful Thursday asks "As you think about your Thankful Thursday post, consider your heart. Write about obedience or hearing the voice of God. "

This is a perfect topic for me today because for the last two weeks I have been seeking God's direction and trying to stay obediant to his will. Below is my fourth installment in my virtual misssion trip. Please read it before you go and see all the other great Thankful Thursday posts.

I am thankful for...sunshine because the vegtable garden is loving it...I am thankful for the wonderful rain we had Tuesday night because the garden loved it too....I am thankful that our landlord let us turn our horse and donkeys out on the entire 180 acres and that they came home last night for dinner on their own well actually we tried to call them up at the regular supper time but the donkeys just hehawed and kept eating grass. They did come home about 9:30. We fed them and put them to bed. And I am thankful that even when I am not obedient that God gives me grace.

Before you go I want to share with you a little about our boys ministry. Here's a photo.

These boys are in our Auto Mission program. I am not sure exactly what they are working on in this photo but I wanted to share it because you can see the cross hanging on the wall.
One thing I didn't mention in my other posts this week is that the teen courts, jails and prison systems we work with allow us to "witness" to the kids. Every kid that comes to our programs knows that our programs are Faith Based. One court in North Richland Hills we live in the DFW area so we get gets from many different cities sent every kid they could to our programs because they saw the difference it was making in the lives of the teens. One boy in particular stood before the judge crying and said "Please don't send me to Auto Mission they will change me!" This was after he yelled "Shut up" to his mom when she started to answer one of the questions the judge asked. And because of his attitude and at the request of his mother he was assigned to Auto Mission. But before you get to hear the end of his story I want to share a little more about our programs. Here's another photo.

This group of boys and the man on the left are working on a special project car. Lyle the adult is one of our volunteers. He comes everyday after work and shares his knowledge and skills with the boys. And he shares his heart for God. It isn't difficult to get caught up in the ministry. Many of our volunteers pour the heart into this work.

All the cars that are worked on at Auto Mission are donated to other programs that donate them to families or to ladies that have been in abusive relationships and living in a program facility. Some of the cars are sold for operating expenses.

Our programs are supported by fundraisers, grants and by indivdual donations. So occassionally we have to sell cars to pay the bills. We have donated many vehicles to special groups or programs. We restored a handicapped van and it was sent to Mexico to a pastor that travels to different farming communities with his wife in the back of a truck. His wife is handicapped but now because of God's provision they have a van that she can ride in.

These are just a few of the stories I could tell you.
Here is the post I wrote Monday about our girls ministry. I followed up on Tuesday with more photos.

Thank you for coming along on my journey and I covet your prayers as we seek God's will and direction. Last week I began sharing my journey to obediance Here. Today I continue to seek Gods direction and I join Lynn in praying for God's mercy and grace.

Lord, I have held onto this thing. I have heard you say, “Sherry, get rid of it. I will wait as long as it takes.” Oh Lord, let today be that day. I want to be part of your plan this summer. I want to see new horizons and the fantastic surprises you have waiting for me and for the ministry. Lord, today, I surrender it to you. Do not let me ever take it back. Bind the enemy who will tempt me and protect me from this sin. When I feel weak, Lord surround me with the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. I ask all this in the powerful name of Jesus, my Redeemer. Amen.

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