Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What is that saying?

What is it they say about this best laid plans?

Well I had a list of things I wanted to do today and guess what. I know you can already tell I didn't get to work on the blog. I did search for templates but couldn't find anything that I liked that was free and that I could figure out how to use. I have this category called Blogging for dummies. This post will go there.
I actually have learned alot and I am proud of myself but I am slow sometimes.
There are things I want to learn to do like:

. . . how do you post your text in color and different fonts? I know it is a simple thing but I just never have the time to play around and figure it out. Plus I don't read instructions well so the things that I have been able to do are big time cool to me.

. . . I want to add to my blog roll too. I did figure out how to do that but need to update it really bad because I have found some really cool blogs that I want to share.

. . . And, I really want to figure out how to link to another blog in my post. You know how you write "so and so did this go here to check it out." I just can't figure that out.

So as you see I didn't get the blog all madeover like I wanted.

I didn't make it to the sewing room like I wanted.

I did almost get the kitchen organized. I actually took one cabinet and just crammed stuff into just to get the boxes out of the middle of the floor. But at least the counter is cleaned off and the sink is clean.

I was reading a blog last night and it was talking about this blog that I have heard of that a bunch of people just rave about. I went over to check it out and was disappointed to see that you have to pay for all of her words of wisdom. It frustrated me. And so I have been thinking about that.

I know there must be other people out there like me that for whatever reason don't have extra bucks to spend on design and journals and household planners and stuff. So it makes me appreciate all the more blogs like Kelli's and Home Sanctuary. People that share their ideas and that give us wisdom and encouragement and wonderful decorating ideas.

So thank you guys for all the encouragement you give. And for all the others I'll be listing you soon because there are people like Amy and Randi that just encourage and inspire me.

So once I figure out how to do all that fancy stuff I'll let everyone know how to just pop on over right from the middle of my post. Until then check out my sidebar for the buttons and my short list.

Thanks dear friends for all your encouragement.

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