Thursday, July 17, 2008

Show and Tell and More Joy

This week I have been passing on Joy to some of my friends and today I wanted to give some Joy to Rachel at I met Rachel because I noticed on Amy Dean's blog a button about Company Girls. Well being the inquiring mind that I am I checked it out. And, I was just so glad that I did. Rachel has a daily meme where she give us wonderful ideas to help us make our houses a real home a home sanctuary. She is an amazing woman of God and a wonderful writer. She gives me Joy everyday and so today I want to pass the joy on to Rachel. Please run over and visit her and tell her that I sent you. BTW if you want to share the Joy too just grab my photo. Don't leave yet though it's Show and Tell Friday

Welcome to Show and Tell hosted by Kelli today I am showing a small part of my cookbook collection.

This photo was actually taken in the last house but they are in the exact same place here in the new house. This cute little old shelf sits on top of my fridge. Beside it in the photo is a tin flower container with rabitts on the outside. It is actually a part of a collection of wallpaper from around 1989 or so. I love rabitts. The flower container is on our kitchen table now with the same sunflowers and it just looks lovely.
Below is a tin sculpter of yes rabitts again. It is now sitting in my kitchen window and it fits perfectly. How I wish I had a camera to show you guys how they look here.

The little shelf was donated to our ministry and I bought it at our last craft sale. I just think it is cute and it fits perfectly on the fridge. (And there is a story behind it. I'll have to share someday soon)

Here area a couple of my favorite cookbooks.

I love this cookbook. I bought it in the 90's. It is actually one of my favorites.
Most of the dishes require a lot of work but they are absolutely fabulous. We were lucky enough to eat at Star Canyon in Dallas while Stephan Pyles was the chef there. It was amazing. Each recipe that I have tried in it I have written the date and a little something about how the recipe turned out.
Here's another favorite.

A totally different type of cookbook. Most all the dishes are simple. I love this cookbook and it has kind of an interesting story. I bought it in Fort Worth at Will Rogers Coliseum at a Cutting. Some of you might be wondering what is a cutting.
Well that is lingo for an event where horse people take their trained horses and compete. The horses work cattle. It is a really cool and interesting event. Our buckskin horse (he is the one that is a light tannish almost white horse) is a cutting horse. What cutters do is work cattle to put it simple. But a cutting horse show is the best of the best showing thier skill.
This cookbook I bought at the cutting (they have vendors sell goods). This book was published by the Odessa Jr. League.
It is a really well put together book. A few years later I met a lady who became a dear friend that was part of the group that put together the book. I learned that every recipe in the cookbook was tested and proved to be perfect and worthy.
I have not tried any recipe that I did not like. Of course there are some that didn't sound good at all to me so I didn't try them.
But overall I love this cookbook. It is one of my favorites.
But my all time favorite (I am sorry I don't have a photo) is Betty Crocker.
I'll have to definately take a photo of my version. I have a story about it too. I'll have to share it soon.
I hope you have enjoyed seeing my favorite cookbooks. Please leave me a comment and let me know too how you like my new look.
Have a Blessed Friday and come back and see me tomorrow for Daisy's Day.
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