Monday, July 14, 2008

Simple Woman's Day Book --13

I found this wonderful little item last week. I think it was at Kelli's but I am not sure. I visit so many wonderful places and each of these little meme thingy's lead me to another wonderful new friend.
I am participating on Mondays with The Simple Woman and doing her day book.
Here's mine for today.

Outside my window . . . horses grazing on the newly growing green grass that I water in a desperate desire to keep growing. It is really hot here. Mondays are quiet outback and next door. We live in an amazing place.

I am thinking . . . how much I enjoy all the meme's that I participate in and all the new friends. They bring Joy to my day.

I am thankful for . . . my husband, even though sometimes I don't show it and I don't feel that way. And I am thankful for my kids and how God provides everything we need.

From the kitchen . . . (I think I wish I was in yours Peggy except I'll let you have the banana pudding!) My kitchen is clean and organized and last night my cowboy said "Look it is bigger than I thought." (finally got all the boxes out of the floor and a chair out of the middle of the floor. Amazing) Cooking a roast,potatos and carrots tonight. YUMMY

I am creating . . . Home. Still organizing and unpacking and hanging pictures and moving furniture around, and around and around. Think I am done with the living room though just need a few more accents.

I am going . . .To relax, enjoy and be joyful this week. And finish up projects. (Next week I begin babysitting my new grandson.) I probably will go and rock the baby or put out fires over there at some point!

I am wearing. . . wild tropical print loose shorts (from a cruise) and a blue tank top and slide shoes that are wearing out from wearing them out in the barn and pasture. (Don't' do as I do; you shouldn't wear toeless shoes around the horses)

I am reading . . . my Bible, still working on Psalms everyday. I would love to read a good novel but I wouldn't get anything else done.

I am hoping for . . . rain and some extra money for flowers for fall and that you all find Joy today and all week and that God shows you his love.

I am hearing . . . nothing but the ac at the moment but will be putting on the cable Christian music c.d. I just love listening to it all day.

Around the house. . . less boxes. Yea. (well actually they are all empty and on the deck) peacefulness. Last night I lit a candle and hung roses from last week in the kitchen window. The look lovely drying.

One of my favorite things . . . I am still enjoying sitting outside at night but I guess I would have to say my house.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week . . No real plans just the normal, laundry (which I already started) moving the water hose, finishing up organizing and getting into the sewing room and finishing the makeover on my blog, and giving a gift of Joy to some special friends. Waiting for my daughter to call for help or to just hang out!

Here is a picture that I thought I would share with you . . .

I am wishing you all Joy this week. Please read my Sunday post.
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