Saturday, July 26, 2008

Daisy's Doggie Bloggy Friends/Then Sings My Soul Saturday

updated with Then Sings My Soul below Daisy's post

Good Morning. Welcome to our blog! My name is Daisy and my mom invites me to write on Saturday mornings while she listens to special music.
I love my mommy. She is my very favorite person but I also love my dad and my horses. Opps sorry. Mommy says the horses are not mine they belong to the family.
Boy sharing is so hard. Mommy is teaching me about sharing so on Saturdays I share my friends because friends are special. And today I have a really special friend to tell you about.

She is just really sweet and I bet she is really fun to play with. Her mommy posts pictures on her blog. Here is a photo of my new friend.

This photo is a few weeks old. Isn't she just really sweet. And you will never guess what her name is! Her name is Daisy! I am just so honored. Well I know they didn't actually name her after me but it is just cool we have the same name.
On Thursday her mom Kelli wrote a really cool post and so I wanted to share one more picture and then send you over to their blog. Here is another photo of my new friend Daisy.

Please go by and visit our friends Kelli and Daisy and read the Thursday post. Their blog is called You can go to our sidebar and click on the link. And don't forget to go by and visit them on Friday for Show and Tell.

Well duty calls I need to go outside and help my mommy feed the horses. Did I tell you I love my horses?

Here's mommies Then Sings My Soul

Today this song is speaking to me. I don't have the words right now to share. Please visit me tomorrow for a 2nd installment and my thoughts about this song.

Smiles Daisy and Sherry
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