Wednesday, January 16, 2008

No word's to describe Wednesday

This is what I will look like once I am done today! Today at our co-op we got ton's of carrots and tons of mushrooms. I will post someday soon the photo journal of this activity. I am taking a break while my mushrooms dry. Why do they tell you not to wash them? I always do and they turn out fine. Today though I am attempting to dehydrate them. Hopefully washing won't hurt. My first dehydrating attempt were 6 huge carrots on Sunday and Monday. Took way longer than expected. Probably because I didn't follow the instructions and par boil. I grated them so couldn't figure out why to par-boil. But will next time. The 6 huge carrots 3/4 filled a pint jar. It was a test run. Next time I will cut them up and parboil.
Anyway back to the mushrooms I have photo journaled them from container and through the process so you will all see how they turned out.
I had to pass on some lovely greenbeans because I am not set up to can but I have a friend that does so next time I'll be gettin' the greenbeans.
My hubby doesn't get it. He figures you can buy them in the store just as easy. But I think they taste better home canned. And I don't know it is just my attempt I think at being domestic.
Except for the luxeries of the computer and inter-net. And shopping and cars. And indoor plumbing I could have lived very well in an early time.
Have you ever wondered how clean the people are sometimes in old westerns? For this to have been planned to be wordless on my part I have already broken my resolve. But I also planned to get back to "me" and I think I have taken one more step on that journey and I know that God is leading each step.
Thank you God for providing.
Back to the mushrooms! I left some out to cook for dinner!

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