Saturday, January 12, 2008

8 in "08

After much thought. After much prayer. I have finally come up with my 8 for '08. I guess it was difficult because I think I wanted to give myself an edge so to speak. Trying to plan to do things that I would be able to accomplish
I spent quite a bit of time looking at other blogs and considering the reading plans other people use to read the Bible through in a year. After much thought and much prayer I have realized that I need to focus this year on reading my Bible everyday and not pushing myself to read it all the way through.

. . remember I am on a journey to find myself I believe God gave put me on journey to find myself and him.

#2 Trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understand. ll direct my path. (paraphrased)I need to this year ask God everyday, every morning, every hour to guide my steps. I want God to give me the desires of my heart. I want my hearts desires to be his. And so that the things that I do. The things that are important to me are things that God has given me to do.

#3. Concentrate on my marriage reconnect with my husband. Have date night. Work on us.

#4.(this is two part)Organize my house(already started this I"ll post soon my clean kitchen junk drawer) and begin to have people over again. The last almost 3 years we have been so busy and so absorb with the ministry that we have let a lot of things go including the house. And our relationships with people.

Well after much thought and prayer here's my 8. I hope anyone that reads this with hold me up in prayer and help me to meet all these goals that God has given me.

I am excited about '08 and working on these goals. I am excited about this blog and I hope that my writing will encourage someone to Trust God with all your heart.


Lisa said...

What a tender list! I am so glad you shared your heart. Yes, we'll hold you up in prayer!!

Blessings, extravagantly,

Unknown said...

I wish you luck and hope to get to know you better through this awesome journey that we are embarking upon.