Monday, January 28, 2008

My Sunday School Class rocks!

I just had to write about my awesome Sunday School class. This is an awesome class and always takes meals to people that or sick having babies. I must clarify to you guys hubby had knee replacement he is 52. Bet some of you were thinking he was like a lot older.
Anyway we got a gift card on Saturday and then last night a couple brought the best chicken enchilada's,beans (neat recipe I'll have to get)corn bread and cake. (too much food) It was so sweet. I did take a picture. She did such a nice job of presentation too. It made me smile.
And then she handed me a couple of sacks that were sent by someone else. I have intentionally not mentioned alot about our ministry because I want to keep this blog and my thoughts seperate from the ministry. But it is so difficult to do that because the ministry is so much a part of my life. Anyway we work with teenagers that are incarcerated. They are in prison. There is a girls halfway house in our town and we go over ever Thursday night and play games and have "date night". During regular meals they all eat in the cafeteria and they are not allowed to talk. On "date night" two girls are chosen that have been good all week and we eat wtih them in the classroom and they get to talk. They love it and so do we. It is an awesome time of ministry. Every week I ask the girls if it is o.k. if we pray for our meal and they always say "yes" but last week one of the girls volunteered before I could say anything. She already knew from the others that we would ask to pray.
We always take some game prizes for them and we have started taking lunchables or fruit and cheese. (the food there is not like "mom's")
I have been telling our Sunday School class about the girls and our programs with them and they have been donating stuff we need like toilet paper and office supplies and stuff. I started telling them about the games night and that we need socks, mascara,gel pens, small photo albums and journals. Well you won't believe all the stuff that they brought yesterday. Someone went to target and bought valentine's day socks and photo albums and gel pens. It was like Christmas it was so sweet. And there was mascara too! The girls will be so excited!
And so that is why my Sunday School class rocks!

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Tracy said...

I do pray that your dear husband recovers quickly from his surgery. How wonderful that the body of Christ is reaching out!