Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It is not too early to start thinking about Christmas '08. I saw this on another blog and she kindly is sending me the instructions. I'll add her address as soon as I figure out how to do it. Please bear with me. I also see that I didn't finish my 8 in "08 post. I don't know what happened. Anyway #5 on my list was for Christmas 2008 to be a "Homemade Christmas". This is the ornament that I am making my daughter and son in love. Before I finish the rest of the list I need to share what I have already accomplished!
#1 I have been reading my Bible everyday. I have decided to do my own plan and here it is:
Read a Psalms for day of the month. (On the first I read Psalm 1. This is working for me and I am enjoying it but I realized that I will run out of days...I'll figure that out later) Read a Proverbs a day. Read at least one Chapter in the New Testament a day. I started with Luke and I'll work through it then choose another book. I have been doing really good except Sunday I didn't read so I am playing catchup. The other thing I am doing is I started a new journal and I am writing down the Psalm that I read each day. If there is space left on the page when I finish then I write Proverbs there till I fill the page. This is working for me and I am enjoying it. I also have been keeping a magazine New Testament in the car (this is one of the translations we use with the kids we work. ) I am reading it everytime we are in the car. I usually read again what I have read in the morning.
I have been reading before I get on the computer. And, I am trying to get up by 7:00 to watch Simply Quilts and then I read. The house is still quiet then. My dog trys to lay on my lap while I read and expects me to pet her while I read so I let her in the morning. In the afternoon I try to read again and I listen to the Christian music on our t.v. that is when I write. She isn't happy then and won't lay with me she lays on the floor because I don't usually pet her while I write.
I'll share the rest of the list tomorrow and maybe an update on #2.
Happy Day!
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