Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The beginning of the journey

I am beginning this journey to write about where I have been and where God is taking me. This is not my only blog but it is my personal blog. I have another blog that I may or may not share later. It is about the ministry work that God has Blessed me with. But, I found that being involved in it and doing the work there that I do;that I lost myself.

This blog is about my finding my way back to me.

Not away from God. Not away from ministry but back to me with God's help.

Here I will write about the things that I love. And I'll post photo's of the things that I love. Things like my animals and my home and my relationship with God. Things that I pray about. And maybe someone that reads this will be Blessed. Will be encouraged to trust God and to allow him to be God in thier lives. Allow God to take control. Really take control. I am still learning to do that.

I began this year by planning to read my Bible everyday. Today I already messed up. Talk about resolutions going awry. I didn't really make a resolution but I did really want to reach my goal of reading through the Bible in a year. I was following some thoughts on that on another blog. I do plan to read through my Bible this year among other things that I am still praying and thinking about.

So today begins the journal of my Journey Back. There are many reasons that brought me to this place and I will be writing about them soon. I am looking forward to all that God has prepared for me through this journey.
I am looking forward to meeting new friends that are on a journey with God too.

So until we speak have a Blessed journey.
Oh one more thing I added the 8 in 2008 button I'll be posting the 8 things I am going to work on this year soon. Still working on that part of the journey.

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Lisa said...

Welcome on this new journey. I hear your heart and determination to find yourself again, in God. May this list accountability group help you along in the journey.

Blessings, extravagantly,