Monday, June 29, 2020

Menu Monday-Dinner Plans For The Week-Thoughts On Menu Planning

Good Morning and Welcome
The Journey Back: Menu Monday

I changed things up a bit for this weeks plans.  I normally write my menu and include it in my Happy Homemaker post and then write a post here with more detail and thoughts. 
As I wrote and thought about making good things to eat I kept writing the same thing down.  It seemed everything I wrote I felt like I had just written it down and served it. 
Do you ever feel like that?
Same O Same O
Well this week I was determined to go the extra mile and plan new and different meals. 

And so here is what I came up with  . . .

Monday (s) are a good day for me to serve left overs from weekend meals.  I cook more time consuming meals on the weekends. But everything seemed to slow down and I had lots of yard work to do so no leftovers . . . 
Well I do have a Roast in the freezer I will be making 

Summer Garden Hash

Inspired by a recipe I found in my search for new recipes and new ideas . . . 

I found the recipe over here I enjoyed finding a new blog.  Miz Helen has lots of great recipe ideas.  I'll be visiting her regularly for inspiration. 

I have been wanting to make a Cajun or Creole What's the difference? Do you know? style Jambalaya.  I looked for recipes and found a few.  Still kind of pondering which one to try. 
Do you have a Jambalaya recipe? 

The BEST Jambalaya Recipe
Ali at Givemesomeoven shared a recipe (it is here) that looks good and simple.  My goal is to use the Shrimp, Sausage and Chicken that I have in the freezer.  And find a new way to cook all 3.  I do the same recipes over and over. 

I do really, really love homemade Chicken Tenders and so they are on my menu for Wednesday.  I guess one 'Old Stand By' is o.k.
What do you think?


With my Chicken Tenders I'll make Mashed Potato's with Cream Gravy gotta make Gravy if you fry chicken.  Right?  And I'll cook up some Corn on The Cob if it's ready from the garden if not a Corn Casserole or Mexican Street Corn sounds good. 

I've been wanting to make White Chicken Chili. There are so many recipes out there.  I am attracted to the photo's.  Some photo's just make you want to try it.  

Creamy White Chicken Chili - The Salty Marshmallow

I will admit it is the Avocado that gets me.  But not sure I want a recipe that calls for corn so I am still looking 
Do you have a good White Chicken Chili recipe?
When I find the right recipe I'll serve with some yummy Corn Bread and a Mixed Green Salad. 

Pulled Pork over Irish Nacho's and Salad . . . That's a new one!
Sound good?

And for Dessert
Lazy Girl Peach Pie . . . I should call mine Tired Girl Peach Pie
Recipe found in this book 
Glitter Bomb (A Scrapbooking Mystery Book 15) by [Laura Childs, Terrie Farley Moran]
I'm a fan of Laura Childs she has several great Cozy Series and they have recipes!  

And I have one my idea for dessert.  This one I saw on FaceBook. 
I think it just might be the recipe my mother used.  I am itchin' 
to try it and see.  I'll leave out the nuts on half cuz I don't do nuts.

Texas sheet cake recipe – Simple Cake Recipe

I think it's coming together to be a Yummy week!  I hope you enjoyed looking over my menu plans.  Please share your ideas!

Come back by on Friday for Foodie Friday where I'll share all the Rustic Plates from the week and a recipe!  

Have A Yummy Week

I'll be linking my posts this week at these parties.


JanCT said...

My son was reading over my shoulder, and he says chicken tenders with mashed potatoes are a good idea. (I agree.) Thanks for sharing the menu. I must admit that I don't cook much. I did last night and set off the smoke detector! I was inspired nonetheless!
Laughter and Consistency

Mother of 3 said...

Yes! lately I have been feeling like I just keep making the same recipes over and over..