Friday, June 5, 2020

Foodie Friday/Rustic Dinner Plate

 Welcome to the blog.  I hope to have a few new visitors today so i wanted to say
I am so glad you dropped in.  Today I am talking about Food.  I talk about alot of things here like gardening, crafting, Junk Journals, quilts, horses and family.ncy

Lately I haven't been able to post alot because my husband is ill.  I have to manage him/his day and allthat caring for a Loved One entails. 

Hismeals are very important and we both like to eat and cook.  My Food photo's are Rustic because most times they are not edited or fancy.  I hope you don.t mind.

In fact I hope you find it charming. HeHe. 

 Let's get on with it!

I got a good size Tomato at a Produce Market near us.  
My husband I call him The Cowboy loves big 'ole sliced Tomatoes.  He is learning to eat them without salt because of his diet restrictions.
As much as I can I put fresh veggies on the plate.  Our favorite 'green' is Mustard Greens. They tasted yummy with Trout and AuGratin Potato's I did use boxed this time.
We've learned raw Tuna is good for his diet.  It makes a nice cold appetizer.
Lookie Peas and Onions from the garden all ready for Fried Rice
The Cowboy has some quirks . . .he likes Saltine Crackers with his Fried Rice.  Hmm.
Some days he feels like breakfast.  Here's a Rustic Omelet. Not too pretty but very yummy.
And doesn't this look like yummy Cinnamon Bread?
But sadly it is Rye.  I am not a fan of Rye Bread.  The Cowboy loves it and it is on his diet.  It is just hard to find!
A simple Baked Potato for dinner.   It was a long tiring and hot day.

The Cowboy needs to eat breakfast so I cook everyday. 
I am learning to make his eggs 'Just tight'.  

Lot's of fruit is one plates.  The waffle is hard to see but I topped it with Peach's and Peach Greek Yogurt.   I tried to hide the yogurt with Cool Whip.  It didn't work LOL. 
I convinced The Cowboy to let me cook the Asparagus he prefers it raw.  How weird is that?
There's his raw Asparagus, Peas from the garden and a Corn Casserole that was very good. Meat Loaf and Mash Potato's with a Brown Gravy.

And I over did the Egg Rolls see my plates are Rustic.

Hiding the Egg Rolls. HeHe
The Eggs are getting better! They tasted great with Brunch Potato's. . . I passed on the Chorizo (Shh . . .not on the diet)
Cold Tuna on a hot day paired great with this plate . . .
Chicken, Mushroom and Spinach with a Sundried Tomato Sauce and a Caesar Salad.  I have been wanting to make this dish for a looong time.
And then there was dessert . . . 
Leftover Strawberry Cake I had 2 slices in the Freezer this sooo yummy!
These Waffles were so fun and yummy.  

A visit to get blood drawn led us to the other side of town and a favorite eatery . . .
Mexican food we can't get enough.  This is a true Mexican Cafe.  They put Potato's in the Taco's . . . But they make the best Nacho's and Guacamole!  

Look at that Guac! 
And his favorite a bowl of Menudo.  

For dinner I made a Pork Cutlet with Sauteed Mushrooms.

And some close to perfect Eggs, Mexican Brunch Potato's and leftover pork.  I made a Gravy kind of Sauce with Green Chili's

I love to cook and make yummy meals!
And the clean up well
Not so much!

Thanks for stopping in!
Bon Appetit!

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Molly the Airedale said...

Your meals look so yummy! I've never eaten raw asparagus. I"ll have to give it a try!