Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sunday Supper-On The Dinner Plate

Welcome to my first Sunday Super/On The Dinner Plate.
I have been thinking about doing this series for a while.  I hope you enjoy!
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I don't know about you but when I think Sunday Supper I am transported back to a simpler time when I got to play outside all afternoon and then dash into supper for a full table of wonderful 
mommy cooked delicacies.
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When I think of Sunday Supper I am transported back to the 60's. Mama cooked all our meals.   We weren't all dressed up because it was supper and well we actually didn't 'dress up' at home!  

Sunday Supper 
means family to me
So what memories does Sunday Supper bring back for you?
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Honestly those sweet memories were short lived for me.  
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Things changed around our house as I became a teenager and joined the youth group at church.  Back in the day we had a fantastic youth minister/Choir Director at our church that kept us all busy with activities.  
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Our Sundays began early.  Our breakfasts were always a bowl of cereal and juice.  My mother didn't cook breakfast.  After a bowl of cereal that always had more milk than cereal.  We didn't drink our milk it was always poured into the dog dish.  Remembering back I am not sure now how we got away with that one! 
There were no cats in our house but I couldn't find a dog divider

Once I joined choir everything changed.  It was a rushed day.  
Lunch out after church.  And then a relaxing afternoon till I had to be back at church at 4.  The parents got together and served a small dinner usually sandwich's at 5 before choir practise and then church.  
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By the time I became a mom things were a little different.  No Sunday night services only Sunday morning so we always had meals together as a family.  
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When the kids were little (before youth group)  we always had what we called Smorgasbord.  It could be anything from nachos and chips and Queso. To egg rolls.  The kids delighted in trying to see what small finger type foods we could make.  We bought egg roll and wonton wrappers and filled them with all kinds of things. 
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But it's 2018 now.  And Sunday Supper is different. 
Our son is married with a family in Missouri.
Our daughter is planning a wedding in the spring. 
#We're planning a Texas wedding.  
The Cowboy and I and Domino spend quiet evenings together.  
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Most Sundays are not planned.  We might have nachos.  Or we might dig around in the freezer and come up with something.  
We come up with some serious dinners. 
We love to cook and we love to eat!
I hope you'll come by often and share dinner with us! 
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The Cowboy is cooking ribs on the rotisserie.  Which he loves/I hate.  The rotisserie not the ribs!  I hate to clean it.  It's his job.
If he wants to use it he cleans it.  

I am fixing that old fashioned Mexican Salad with Frito's that we all ate back in the day.  At least we did.  Did you? 

And I am putting some potatoes in the oven to bake.   

I can't wait for 
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Each week I'll end my post featuring another blogger that cooks. 
I don't know about you but I need help with meal planning.  It 
seems I cook the same ole thing week after week.  I got some 
great inspiration at Renee's.  
Renee's Kitchen Adventures
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I hope you have a Wonderful 
Sunday Supper

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