Thursday, January 25, 2018

In The Garden

Planting Pansy's

Back in the fall I had a few extra bucks and so I splurged and bought a flat of pansy's.

I have small area at the edge of the veggie garden that I want to be a flower bed.
I don't spend alot in my garden and so I wanted something that would last from fall into the spring.  
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Pansy's were the perfect choice.  They are usually inexpensive and can be easily found in garden centers.  I bought a flat for $15.00. 
I was delighted.  I had a $20.00 bill I intended to spend. 

Yesterday I was watching the dog play and admiring those beauties that I had planted in the fall.  

And I had a 'Duh' moment.
If Pansy's are so inexpensive and so plentiful in garden centers 
they must be easy to grow from seed.  I had never thought about it

So being the 'Jazzy', 'High Tech' grandma that I am I googled it!
Then I looked on Pinterest and I found . . . 
A great 'How To' over here
I'm going to try it. 
And maybe I'll have some beauties like this 
Image result for pansy flower
And so I am off to the garden center to look for seeds   

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