Monday, January 22, 2018

Menu Monday-No More Boring Menus

Some days I feel like this . . . 

iImage result for vintage husband happy with dinner
I said 'feel' not 'look'.  Most days my hairs not done; no make-up.
I am quite a sight.  But I do try to cook a good dinner.  

I think I need a Meal Plan Support Group.
Let me know if there is such a thing!

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Sometimes dinner is like this!
I am not too good at creating.  I am very good at reading a recipe. 
I'm just not good at coming up with great menus that aren't boring!
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The Cowboy just doesn't seem to get into is food. 
Honestly most of the time I have to ask for a compliment or a comment about what was served.  Most of the time he really likes it.  Occasionally I have a flop but mostly that's when I try to step out of the box.  
So my menus are
I cook the same thing over and over like . . .
Pot Roast, Taco's, Pork Chops, Kielbasa, Fried Fish, Spaghetti with a plain sauce. A family favorite We call it 'Goulash', Chili (no beans) and a few others that I can't think of.  
But I think you get the idea.

Image result for vintage couple bored with dinner

I want to feel like this.  All happy and smiling while I am cooking knowing I have a new and fun and creative meal to serve. 
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And so each week I plan a menu.  I try to include a new recipe or something different.  But most weeks I fall into that rut. 
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And so with the help and inspiration of a few bloggers.  And by setting my mind to it I think I can make a change and have fun!

Last week I planned to have . . . 
On The Menu last week  What Worked What Didn't 
Monday- Hamburgers, Cole Slaw(left over from Sunday) Pinto's from freezer ✔
Tuesday - Quinia, Chicken/Kale Ravioli, Ceasar Salad, Bread 
and some leftover spaghetti in case the Cowboy can't choke down the Ravioli
Wednesday -Clam Chowder, Homemade Sub Sandwiches
Thursday -  Roast w/Potatoes and Carrots, Green Beans
Friday -  Coconut Shrimp, Rice Pilaf, oven Roasted Veggies

Wednesday the Cowboy got into the kitchen and made Scalloped Potatoes from scratch, Pasta Salad from a mix and Ham. Thursday we had  Turkey and Dumplings.

I have no idea what we ate Thursday.  Friday we ended up eating Tacos

 A pretty good week with some good and nutritious meals!
But kinda boring

This week I am planning . . .
Mexican Pot Roast, Spanish Rice Beans
Potato Soup, BLT'S
Smothered Pork Chops, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans
Coconut Shrimp (we didn't have last week) Rice Pilaf, 
Chinese Dumplings
Bisquick Impossible Cheese Burger Pie, Salad, Corn on Cob

A few new ideas.  I never make smothered Pork Chops. 
But notice my old stand by pot roast.  A little different this week though. 
And then on Friday a blast from the past.  We liked the impossible pies back when the kids were home.  It's been decades since I made one! 

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You know what they say 'The way to a man's heart is through his stomach'.  So maybe with a little effort cupid will hit his mark 

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Image result for vintage husband happy with dinner

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