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Vacuums-A Housekeepers Guide Part 2 Stairs

Welcome to Part 2 of my Housekeepers Guide to Vacuums.
Today we are going to be talking about cleaning carpet on stairs.
If you missed part 1 A Housekeepers Guider to Vacuums click here.   

I do not claim to be an expert.  But I clean houses for a living and in these posts I am just sharing my opinions on what works for me. 

Let's talk about stairs with carpet.  

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Can you relate?  As a housekeeper I dread lugging heavy vacuums up and then working my way back down the stairs.  

Thankfully I only have 1 house currently that has carpeted stairs.  There was a time I was doing stairs daily!

It is a back breaking task.  Especially if you of a certain age!
Thankfully I don't have to clean carpets this way . . . 
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I have a couple alternative suggestions to ease . . . 
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the back breaking task of lugging a heavy vacuum.  

And, I think that these 2 suggestions are much more effect and clean your stairs better than any of the vacuums that are currently available. 

My first suggestion and the one I use twice a week in the home that I currently clean that has carpet on the stairs.  

It's simple and easy on my back.  I use a good 'ole stiff broom.  I sweep down the stairs.  I sweep each step horizontally and then again vertically.  As I vertically sweep down the steps the debris falls down to the lower step.  
By using a broom I can get into the crevice where the steps meet. 
And I can also sweep the wood molding going up the stairs as I go down.  

This kind of sweeping is not Drudgery to me.  It's a fast and effect way to clean the stairs.  
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I thought the advertisement for the carpet sweeper was interesting. 
Do you remember the old carpet sweepers? 

Maybe you feel like you need more than a good sweep.  If there are pets in the home maybe a good vacuum is a better chose. 

To avoid the dragging the big vacuum up and down stairs I suggest

Dirt Devil Express V6 Wet/Dry Bagless Handheld Vacuum, BD10205 - Cordless
Dirt Devil.   I am sure other brands have a model that is more like a regular vacuum like this . . . 
Dirt Devil Hand Vacuum Cleaner Ultra Corded Bagged Handheld Vacuum M08230RED
I have this model mine is a few years old.  Although it does an  excellent job I like the smaller bagless model because of the pointed edge.  It doesn't have the rolling beater bar like the one with the cord.  But I like it because it will get into the crevices. 

The smaller cordless version is even easy enough for a child to use.  

The only negative is you have to keep it plugged in and charged. 
But your only using it for a very few minutes so it is great for a stair case.  

So maybe your thinking these are great options but . . . 
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I don't have carpet on my stairs!  How in the world do I keep all the pet hairs and food crumbs and who's not what off the stairs?

Image result for vintage woman sweeping stairs
I have a few ideas!  
Come back for my next installment of 
A Housekeepers Guide.

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