Monday, December 14, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday Link Party

Happy Homemaker Monday--December 
Good Morning sweet friends.  Today I'm joining Sandra and a few
friends to share our week!  

 The Weather outside is:
Wet from Sunday.  It rained alot Saturday night.  I didn't even realize I/we slept right through it. 
So did Daisy we opened the door to go out and it was still drizzling.  She stopped in her tracks!
She isn't a fan of rain!  

On The Breakfast Plate:
Since starting a new job I don't put much on the plate.  I know I'm bad but I usually eat nothing or stop for a hash brown at McDonald's.  Today I need gas and I'm hungry.  I wonder what yummy healthy treat the have at Quick Trip?

As I Look Outside My Window:
Winter arrived at least for a few days.  Cloudy and wintery.  Wet from the Saturdays rain. 

Right Now I Am:
Thinking about my new job.  I'll be working this week with the curriculum director learn 
how "they" teach 18 month olds. 

As I Look Around The House:
Our vacuum broke.  I think it's the belt.  We got one from beside the dumspter but it needs a bag. 
Our daughter was going to start this week coming over and doing the carpets, sweeping and 1 other job every other.  I needed the help she needed the money.  We'll start next week when I get my first pay check!

On Today's To Do List:

  • Washing Daisy's towels and rugs
  • Roast for dinner then soup from the left overs for the rest of the week
  • I got the binding attached to the commission quilt now I just need to do the hand sewing!
Happening This Week
I lead a borrowing life.  Work, laundry, keeping up the house, cooking

Currently Reading
I just finished Worship Changes Everything by Darlene Zschech
Waiting on a romance novel!

On The T.V.
Nothing much. I am a little boring.  I'm watching the Christmas movies when they are on.

On The Menu This Week:
Monday--Pot Roast (I'll make soup for lunch for the rest of the week with the leftovers
Tuesday-- Mexican Stack (ground beef on a bed of chips lettuce quac and cheese
Wednesday-- Seafood.  Probably Etoufee there's always fish, crawfish and shrimp in the freezer
Thursday -- Pork Chops, Rice, Black Eyed Peas
Friday-- Easy something thrown in crock pot
Saturday and Sunday play it by ear.  Depends on what we find on sale

What I Am Creating At The Moment
My daughters Christmas present a 365 calendar of illustrated scripture.  She might get 6 months worth.   It's a huge endeavor!

New Recipe I tried:
Beef LoMein (from left over Beef and Brocolli)  I used a recipe and tweeked it.  It was really good we will do it again!

Favorite Photo From The Camera:
Not from my camera.  And I really can't share the source.  Don't know where it came from. 
I saw it on FB.  But it's too precious not to share . . . 

Prayers, Inspiration, Deovtionals:

Remember what matters most.:

                              Merry Christmas
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