Monday, December 28, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday

Good Morning.  Sharing my week with you and Sandra at 
Family Corner . . . 

The weather outside is ...
Cold.  Tornado's over the weekend.  Hail here on Sunday.  

On the breakfast plate ...
Breakfast Pizza w/ bacon,an egg cooked on top of kale and spinach.   It was sooo yummy! (leftover from Sunday)

As I look out my window...
Cold and dark.  I miss writing my post later.  I have to write before work now.

Right now I'm wishing ...
I didn't have to go to work.  Wishin' my quilting could pay the bills.

As I look around the house...
Remembering Christmas.  We leave our decorations up a looong time! We love it!

On today's to do list ...Thankfully not alot. Got laundry done yesterday 

  1. Hopefully stop at Michael's on the way home for sale stuff and paper craft items, embellishments, paint for my daughters altered book scripture journal.
  2. Prepare paper for journal
  3. Tidy house
Happening this week...
We're really boring.  Nothing going on but work.

Currently Reading...
My Bible.  Waiting on review books.

On the t.v.
recording Scandal episodes.  (I know I'm bad)

On the menu this week...
Monday--leftover prime rib (we cooked Sunday the Cowboy was sick Christmas day
Tuesday--five bean soup, corn bread
Wednesday--Pork cutlets, rice, okra 
Thursday-- Steak and Potato Soup, Bacon Sandwichs
Friday-- eat out I hope

What I am creating at the moment ...
A project that I started for Christmas and didn't get to finish because I got a last minute commission quilt!
I am making a calendar a day for my daughter.  I'll give her January's on New Years Eve.  And then an installment at the end of each month.  
A big fun endeavor.  I made one last year and we both loved it!

New recipe I tried ...
Oh wow it was so good.  Check it out!
This is a unique and delicious breakfast or holiday brunch recipe! Plus, who doesn't love pizza anytime of day? Bacon & Asparagus Breakfast Pizza Recipe from Hot Eats and Cool Reads:
Mine was a little different.  The recipe called for Asparagus. 
It was too expensive but I found Kale and Spinach on sale.  I think I liked it better.  Leftovers this morning for breakfast.  We each had 1/3.  

Favorite photo from the past few days ...
I love my daughter!  I shared the post here

Prayers, Inspirational, Devotionals
Rough Draft:
One of the day calendar pages I'm creating.  

Thanks for coming by and visiting.  Hope your week is wonderful.
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