Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wit and Wisdom Wednesday

              Charlie Brown Christmas. It's not what's under the Christmas tree that matters; it's who's around it...:


Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas!  I enjoy so much
everyday your visits and comments here on my blog. 
And even though we're not close in miles I consider us close in Spirit.  Even though we don't exchange gifts.  I consider each and everyone of you someone special that if I had the chance I'd be giving you something sweet.  

            I am glad your around my tree!

Many of you I know well because we've been friends a looong time. 

Many of you I feel a weird kind of sisterly/kindred spirit because we are so similar.  (you know who you are my sisters!)

Many are friends I've met recently.  And let me say I am so happy to know you!

I love this medium of Blogging.  I have had a chance to meet so many people!  

I am Blessed by so many people.  

I am thankful!    I love you all!  

                  Merry Christmas
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