Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Sketch

Just a sketch I've been working on to practise my sketching for Bible Journaling and Illustrating for
my daughters Christmas present.
Not sure how to color in the flumes.  I'm having to train my mind. It's really a process for me.
 But I'm enjoying it . . .
I am trying to practise.  I just can't seem to draw a simple flower.  I do like the flower in the corner.
Not sure I like my flower but like the idea of the flower.
I am still learning.  And, I could use some pointers on types of pens, watercolors etc. to buy.
Sorry this one is blurry.
This is a rough sketch in my composition book.  Just practise.  I'll probably add watercolors when I do the actual sketch with scripture.

My lettering is becoming better.  Last Sunday I wrote all the music videos that we used in church . . .

Liking how this is looking.  I'm getting better. Can't spell though. LOL.  Did you notice?
And did you notice the sad flower at the top of the page.  I really need some help with flowers.

Had to turn on the side of the page to get it all in . . .
I know it's not great.  But it's better than a month ago.  I keep telling myself practise makes perfect.

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