Monday, September 21, 2015

Sand, Sea And . . .

It was a beautiful day spent on the beach.  The last day of a wonderful end of summer vacation.
We walked along feeling the warm sand on our feet and ocassionally felt the water cover our toes as the tide rolled gently in.  
Of course we had to collect sand and seashells . . . 
We walked along.  Holding hands and every once in awhile he would pull me over for a . . . 
We looked across the beach at the little cottage that was our retreat . . . 
And then we saw her.  We'd caught glimpses everyday.  She was always there and then she wasn't. 
But today on our last day she stood there.  We just stared at her as she watched us.  And then . . . 
. . .she turned her face  back to the sea and she was gone.

But . . . we took lots of pics!   And we brought her home . . . T:
Added her to our mantle display . . . 
And thats when we noticed that her Grandma Mermaid must have followed us home!

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