Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Sweet Spirit?

Today I'm sharing an archived post and picture story with Wit and Wisdom.  It's still relevant.  Enjoy.

                                        A Not So Sweet Spirit . .

. . .
I never know what to expect when I arrive at the halfway house. In fact I was there early in the day for a luncheon board meeting. Our meeting room was being used and we waited for awhile before deciding to start the meeting in the day room. Then when the room became available we had to move in the middle of the meeting.

Not such a sweet spirit

When it was time for Bible study/ Reading Group the girls were in the middle of a movie because staff was having a meeting in our room again. 

Well when our room was ready what was I to do? Tell the girls to turn off the tv in the middle of the movie. I patiently waited and finally staff decided to tell the girls that it was time for reading group. 6 of the 12 girls decided to come to the group.

We took a little diversion from our regular text we have been reading Women of the Bible a wonderful study book that has daily readings beginning with the story of the woman written more like a novel it is followed by history and then prayer and devotion. I love the book.

We read last night a Cowboy joke book because we wanted to talk to the girls about prayer and about the new building project. My Cowboy began telling them about the project and before he could even ask them to pray one of the girls said "let's pray now." . And we did. She said Let's hold hands and we prayed. There was a sweet spirit in that place.

Those girls lifted me up and God gave me affirmation. What we are doing is making a difference. They are learning what we are teaching them. I am learning patience and I am learning to Wait on God and trust him. I am stumbling trying not to step out on my own and work at making the new building a reality but I know that if I put my faith and trust in the Lord that he will lead me where he wants me to go and I know I will find A Sweet Sweet Spirit.
The above story is a repost.  

I chose to share this special story because of the prompt from last Fridays 5 Minute Friday at Katie's blog.
The topic was "Yes".  A lot of the ladies shared their struggles with listening to God and following through 
with saying and doing "Yes" to him.  I shared here my recent 'Yes' story.    

Dear Friends I am here to tell you that when it seems like the hardest thing.  Or the most unlikely thing that God is asking you to do that it will indeed turn out to be the biggest Blessing you can imagine.  
The years that I spent in ministering to these girls were the best years of my life. (Aside from my kids.LOL)
There were times it was hard.  There were times when I felt like it wasn't worth the effort.  And then God just laughs at me (I think) and he allows A Sweet Spirit to take over and show me that it's all worth it.  
Yes. . . It is worth it.
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Hannah said...

It's great that you take time to minister to these girls, and though not all would give up their movie for the Bible study yet you are having an impact for God with them. I find it difficult to wait on the Lord for some things, but I know by persevering and learning to fully trust Him I will some day reap a harvest. Thanks for the encouraging word.

A Colorful World said...

This is beautiful! What a blessing! I am so glad you and your husband are making a difference in these women's lives. I loved reading this!

Linda Kay said...

Thanks so much for joining in and sharing your story. And God bless for all the time you have spent with the girls in half-way house. My daughter was in one for a time, and the mentors she has found have made the way for her five years in recovery.

Latane Barton said...

What a sweet uplifting story. It's always such a blessing when we feel that we have made a difference.

Denise said...

so much inspiration here, love you.