Thursday, May 8, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Week . . .

Perks . . Perks . . . Top This Top That: Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Yep there are a few . . .

I appreciate my son and daughters so much more now a days!
Cute teacher appreciation idea!!
I can truly say that they had some terrific teachers.  They put their heart and soul into serving the Lord and teaching and training our wonderful kids. 
Teacher Appreciation ideas from Free Printables!

Whether you child's teachers are serving God through teaching or not let me tell you they are putting their hearts into the work.

To have the awesome opportunity to teach these little one is humbling for me. 
small gift ~ perfect for bus driver! teacher-appreciation-ideas

There are days that the stress level is high like party days or special event days.  Getting it all together so the kids have a good time and maybe even learn something too can be lots of work. 
Teacher Appreciation Ideas-Gifts, Doors, Themes & More - Crazy Little Projects

But I suspect that most teachers would say it is worth it.

It means more to me than I can express to be able to say I am a teacher. 

Teacher Appreciation Ideas #teacherappreciation

Beginning a 2nd career at 'over 50' is overwhelming.  But when you realize that it's God's plan for your life it is a major Blessing.

Everyday I smile when I go to work.  It is not drudgery getting up in the morning. 

Teacher Appreciation Ideas

I love my job.  I love my kids.  Love that God gave me the opportunity.
I love my job.  I love my job.  Just keep telling yourself that...

And, well the perks aren't bad either . . . 

Today one family gave me a lovely set of lotions, bath salts and darling washcloth and some body spray.  I also received a Chick Fila gift card WooHoo.   One family brought  me a dozen donuts
(I shared with my co-workers!)

I have some amazing families.  I am Blessed. 
All photo's from Pinterest.  Do you need ideas to show your childs teacher how special he/she is.  Check out the Pins
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