Friday, May 23, 2014

5 Minute Friday--Close

Joining Lisa Jo for 5 Minute Friday . . .
Simply writing on a topic for 5 Minutes w/o deep thinking, just what prompts you from the prompt...

Close. . . closure comes to mind.  I have been thinking for a while what to do with this blog.  If you visit you'll see I haven't been able to post regularly.  I think we all go through times when life catches up. 
Mine has.  I have found closure in a couple of areas. 
Life has me coming and going.  Going back to work after more than 30 years. 
Beginning a new job.  That I love.  I've been busy. 

Too busy to join 5 Minute Friday. 

And I love my blog.  I don't want closure. 
I was looking forward to today.  To join Lisa Jo.  To begin again.
Would you join me?  Let's be close again. 

Thanks Lisa Jo for a great Friday linky!  Click Here to join.

Happy Trails . . .
Meanwhile, back at the barn..

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