Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sweet Saturday--Day/Night Date

Romantic date
So our day ended with a nice dinner.

Today for the first time since October Cowboy had a day off. 

We spent the day together. 

A little day date . . .

Riding into the sunset. Photo Credit: Haley Boatright. JC Photography. Horse engagement pictures, engagement pictures, sunset pictures, horse pictures, couples pictures.
Maybe ending in a nice ride . . .

Our date wasn't quite like my fantasy.  Nontheless it was dreamy.

We spent the day at a trade day sale.  Cowboy had cleaned out some of his stash of hunting things.   

It was fun watching him get excited over a sale.  I sat quietly reading my book. 

He told me later that the vendor behind us commented to him that he was lucky because his wife would never sit all day with him just happily reading a book. 

I didn't realize it was a big deal.  I guess it was. 

My dream date may be different than the Cowboys but in the end
we both enjoyed a rare and special day together. 

A sweet Saturday for sure!

Happy Trails . . .

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