Friday, May 30, 2014

Great Buy at the market...Lobster Tails tonight!

Only problem.  Never cooked only the tails.
Usually we've bought the whole lobster and dumped in a pot of water.

So checked on Pinterest and found a couple of broiled recipes so
I am about to attempt broiling these guys. 

Serving with a Tilapia filet on a bed of . . .
One Pot Pasta
Have you tried any of the one pot pasta recipes floating around
Pinterest.   Great easy cooking.  Tonight I am throwing in a zucchini,yellow squash and some spinach.   Delish and fast
and simple! 

I love bargains!  Gotta get that broiler going and pot simmerin'

Happy Trails . . .
FotografĂ­a de caballos vista en Flickr. Autor: Osvaldo Zoom

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