Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why I Use Cloth Napkins

What makes a house a home? Is your home a sanctuary? Are there small touches you do around your house or for your family to make them feel special?

Today I was thinking about simple touches that make a big impact.  I was also thinking about simple things that are very thrifty and frugal. 

One thing that came to mind was cloth napkins.  I got to thinking about when I started using cloth napkins.  It would have been when we were first married.  In our first house I began using cloth napkins and have ever since. 

The first set of cloth napkins I bought was waaaaaay back when I was a teenager.  I bought them for my mommy.  I have them now and I still use them daily.   Well I don't actually use them daily.  They are part of the sets of napkins that I have that I use daily.

So why do I use napkins everyday?  I just love the look of napkins on a table set ready for a nice meal.   Even if it is as simple meal . . .   Re-using a few photo's from previous posts.
He is a table setting I did last fall.  My daughter and I were having a lunch and we were planning our holiday meals.  The little navy blue napkins I always use with these blue plates and with these soup bowls. They saw Barbque to me and I always use them when we have ribs.  Which we have a lot because Cowboy loves them.  They were not expensive.  And they have held up very well to all that Barbque sauce.  There are no stains on them at all.
Here's another table setting I did in the fall.  I have napkins with acorns on them that I use in the fall.
I was playing around and setting the table one day for a linky party.  Here I pulled out some vintage napkins.  I bought these on a vacation trip in Colorado at an antique shop.  There is a matching tablecloth somewhere in storage.  I am careful when I use them no Barbque Sauce with them. 
A little shabby and a little Cowboy at the same time.  These My Cowboy does not touch.  Again I am very careful when I get these out and what I am serving. 

Most of my napkins are very colorful and sturdy.  So they can be used everyday.  

Remember I said napkins are frugal.  Well they are not expensive to buy.  And they last a long time.  I always buy sets of 8 at least.  That way if we have a huge accident and have to use some for a huge nasty spill I always have enough for a family meal.  I rarely throw them away.  Usually I can find a use as a dust rag or something. 

I have a basket in my kitchen that the napkins get tossed into and then on washing day I just throw them in with my towels.  I only wash once a week so I have a lot of napkins.  The wash and dry very well.  Even if I end up tossing them in a basket they are usually not very wrinkled at all.  If they are too wrinkled I throw them back in the dryer with a wet washcloth for a few minutes.  They tumble  and all the wrinkles go away.  Then I take them out and lay them across the dryer door.  When they are all out I fold and put away. 

I love the look of napkins.  I just think they make a meal special. 

Personally I really dislike those cheap paper napkins.  Do you use paper napkins.  Why not think about buying a few cloth napkins and give it a whirl? 

Or maybe pull out those holiday napkins you rarely use.  Do you have fall napkins for Thanksgiving. 
Why not start using them now?   You can start using Christmas napkins on December 1.  

Our family has a tradition that we begin on December 1.  I'll share that tradition in another post.

I would love to share the ways I make my House a Home with you.  

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On a Journey to Making My Home a Sanctuary . . .
Please let me know if you decide to use cloth napkins.  Take some photo's and blog about it!

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