Monday, November 12, 2012

Blue Monday Wordless Weekend

My Monday is Blue today.  Is yours?  I am a little Blue because my weekend was wordless here.  But a lot went on.  If you wanna hang for a few after Blue Monday I'll be sharing it below. 

Now for the Blue

 I love these warm looking fuzzy Blue Slippers and I need them today because I left mine at my daughters!
 I am thankful this is not the scene today.  It is a little chilly though I need those slippers!
 Sharing a few Blue ribbons.  I saw a whole lot of this over the weekend.  I got to go to the World Paint Horse show.  We are lucky to live in Fort Worth which has a great Equestrian Center.  I could live in a barn. 

And even though I am a little Blue today I am very . . .

Why I am Blue and Why it was a Wordless Weekend . . .

I did go to the Paint show with my daughter, my grandson and one of her students and another instructor.  It was fun watching them explain things and show the student around.  It brought back lots of memories for us. 

I took the computer to work in my spare time. (which there is never much when I have a sleepover)
But for some reason I couldn't get on the inter net so I wasn't able to post at all.  I did get all the pictures on my computer organzied.  Praise the Lord.  It was a major task and took me about 3 hours on Friday afternoon before my daughter got home from work.

But before that which is partly why I didn't get much done over the weekend I fell litterally flat on my face.  When I got to her house I got out of the car and was unloading the trunk and I tripped.  I landed not so gracefully on the concrete on my face.  I was a sight let me tell you.  I was bleeding from where I wasn't sure.  And I hurt all over!  And I still do.  Tylenol and Ibupropine are wonderful and my new best friends!   Actually all the blood came only from my lip.  Which is still swollen.  Thankfully my teeth were not damaged.  I was so afraid!  I have a scrape still on my nose.  And my upper lip is cut.  My knee is really damaged.  It is really sore but getting better.  I hurt just thinking about it!

Sunday we weren't able to have Chapel.  Our daughter and grandson were coming and I had to call them and tell them not to come.  We were set up and the boys were coming in and then one boy jumped another.  So there was a big ruckess! Thankfully it didn't turn into a riot.   We had to cancel church.  I felt so bad for all the other boys.  We suspect it was gang related but we are not sure.  It was a disappointment.  Please pray for the boys and our ministry!

The Biggest reason for My Blue Monday . . . after much deliberation with the family.  My daughter, Cowboy and my Mommy we've decided we are going to postpone the opening of the shop.  At least for now we will not be selling any of my Mommy's things.  I am still considering sellling somethings.  And I'll be posting about that soon.  But mommy is just not accepting the whole idea.  She keeps finding reasons not to.  The lastest is her health.  She went to the doctor Friday.  And actually got very good news but she says that she is declining and can't think about a new venture.  She is just not ready to stop going to Craft Sales.  There is much more to the story and if you don't mind I will be sharing it because I need your prayer!

And so that was my Wordless Weekend Report and Blue Monday how about something cheerful? 

These always cheer me up . . .

                                                                        Source Pinterest

Praying your Journey is Blessed (and warm)
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