Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Your are Special. Do you realize just how Special you are?

This post is all about Friends, Fun and  . . . A Secret . . . But let's talk about
Friends for a moment . . .

My daughter has some sweet friends.  These are just a few of her riding students.  They are gathered around Pal.  He was a great horse.  The reason we named him Pal was because he was just such a good Friend.  He loved everyone.  He never met a stranger.  He just wanted to be your Friend.   And he had lots and lots of people that loved him through the years. 
This is a special Friend to our ministry.  On the left is B-Shoc he is amazing.  His heart for sharing the gospel through song and reaching kids and young adults is just hard to describe.  He is in Georgia.  We are in Texas.  He takes a special interest in us and the ministry and our kids. He sends video shout outs to us.  And he even makes videos with text of his music for us to use on Sunday morning.   He is pictured here with La Crae.

And I think this is us.  You and Me and all our other bloggy Friends.  My birthday is coming up and a dear Friend Denise's birthday is soon.  I think if we could all be together in the same town at the same time;  we would have a party and all wear denim and boots.  And we would be adorable. 
But, since we can't then I am throwin' a party here on the blog.  And I am givin' the gifts.  The thing is I got distracted today and didn't get my pictures done. 
I have a really, really good reason because Cowboy hung a light for me in my sewing area of the dining room.  And when the Cowboy does a honey do well everything stops to Praise and supervise.  LOL.  Don't tell him  I said that. 
But seriously all that light hanging and organzing got me to doing some furniture moving and closet rearranging and took up my day. 
So I am behind on this Party/Give a Way thing.  So here is the deal.  If you leave a comment today. 
And say Hello Friend.  You'll be entered.  And believe me you'll love the fun stuff I am gathering to give a way.  And since it is a mystery at this point.  You get your name in twice for each comment until I get the photo's up. 
So, 2 times today.  2 times tomorrow and so on until I get the pics done.  And just to let you know I probably won't get them up tomorrow because Cowboy is off.  So come on by and see my WFW and leave a comment!
And for a little more incentive because I really, really want you to get a chance if you'll send over one of your Friends and tell them to say _________sent me Hello Friend I'll put your name in again and your Friends too.
It's so simple.  No leaving a comment here.  And posting.  And another comment some place else.  Just come by and leave a comment here.  But please don't forget to say Hello Friend so I know you want to be entered. 
So thank you for Being a Friend on the Journey . . .
And Good Luck!

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