Friday, November 23, 2012

5 Minute Friday Thank You

Thank you for Five Minute Friday I love the topics and getting to write for 5 minutes (or more sometimes) without thinking too much.  Without worry about what I say etc.  Thank You Lisa Jo I will miss you but I hope you have a great Christmas.  Your making us all want January to come!  Thank You our topic...oh I love this one because I have been wanting to tell all my followers Thank You!  You guys are so sweet to follow me.  I hope that I leave encouraging thoughts for you.  And maybe a little wisdom and a few smiles. 
Lot's of Thank You's to you wonderful girls that leave comments.  And many, many Thank You's  to you lurkers.  I know your there!  Wow!  I read the stats.  Thank You for all the visits!  And before I run out of time I want to say
Thank You to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ because it is because of Him and His love for me that I am here.  That we are all looking forward to His birthday. 
And I pray that we all get a chance to remember that Jesus is the Reason

Merry Christmas
And I am thankful it is 5 minute Friday because I am cooking today
and enjoying the grandson and our daughter
gotta go get the potatoes off the stove.
I hope you all had a Blessed Day yesterday!
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