Saturday, November 3, 2012

It's HUGE The Announcement

So here it is.  I know you've all been on pins and needles . . .
interestig choice of words because this announcement
includes the use of Pins and Needles yep . . .

Here it is I am opening a Shop right here on the blog and on Etsy

What will you find you ask Quilts and lots and lots more

This is a family endeavor I am joining my 87 year old mother who has been doing craft fairs for the last 20 years.  She is getting past able to do the travel.

So instead of travel we'll be setting up shop in my living room and hers occassionally. 

Mommy specializes in aprons and baby things like bibs and receiving blankets. And Christmas stockings.

She has some quilted wall hangings.  She hand quilts. 

I don't I am more of the modern kinda girl with a little vintage thrown in.   The quilts I make are all sizes from baby to bed size quilts.  

Today is the day we are doing the photo shoot so I am off and running this morning.  I'll be back throughout the day with some sneak peaks. 

And to announce the first give a way.  I think you'll enjoy it just in time for Thanksgiving.  That's all the hint you get.  

Here's the skinny on the 1st give a way just leave a comment.  Nothing hard like leaving links all over or coming back with extra comments.  But please come by as often as you want.  Now if you leave a sweet litte message to Mommy then I'll enter you again but other than that it's simple. 

Come by ofter but please spread the word.  And just as another little tease Friday is sale day.  We're calling it $5.00 Friday you'll find some great buys.

See ya Soon I told you It is Huge Don't forget leave a comment here tally starts Now
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