Friday, January 28, 2011

Another one of my dreams . . .

I think spring may be around the corner here in North Texas. Although it is supposed to be cold next week! I thought since I have to go to the food bank this morning I would leave you with a reminder of spring! See that green grass!

This unprofessional shot (mine) is Cody the pony. He lives at McFadden Ranch. He is blind and was donated to the ranch. Since there are no fences on the ranch he spends his days tied to big huge trees with a really, really long rope. He does have a pen and a nice shelter to sleep in at night.

It is my dream that one day we could have a real barn and some fences and a couple of horses to keep Cody company and for the boys to have the opportunity to know the true Blessing of these amazing animals.

You can read about our ministry at McFadden Ranch click here. You can read about my Biggest/Best investment here.
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SouthernSass said...

Great shot and I would love to have a small farm one day too!

Cathy said...

Aw, he is sweet. He looks a little heavy, guess he can't exercise much.