Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Mission on Monday

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Today a short post...(I'll explain why at the end)
Today I am sharing briefly about my drama team. Each Sunday after chapel and on Thursday nights I work with 10 boys.  They are all 17 and 18 and are serving 9 to 12 months in an drug and alcohol rehab program. 
They are an amazing group of guys.  Some of them I hand picked from the 48 in residence.  Some of them asked to be on our team.  It is probably the most challenging, rewarding, honoring thing that I have ever done. I mean would you ever expect ex-gang members and drug dealers to volunteer to stand and pray and ask God to guide,direct and honor our work? 
Oh my goodness I promised this to be a short post. 
Because I have more to share with you I'll leave a little tease with this. . .

And leave you wondering what WIJIT has to do with the drama team.   But this is what I really wanted to share today . . .
Because I am asking for your prayers.  This is an old archived photo.  These are youth that came to us from teen court for misdemeanor offenses (fighting in school, theft, driving with a license and many others)  This is a photo of a car show benefit for our ministry that was held 4 years ago. 

This spring actually in May we are planning another car show and Wild Game Dinner.  And so the next few months are going to be really, really busy!    This fundrasier is to support our Drivers Education program.  

 98% of the youth both at the girls and boys prison units where we work drive without a license.  That is a startling statistic.  Because this means that they are driving without any formal instruction! 

Have you ever thought about what it is like where you live?  How many teens might there be that are secretly involved in drug or gang activity.   How many teens are driving around in your area without having takin' the time to or had the oppotunity to get a license. 

For more information about our ministry please visit our ministry blog.   

Thanks for your prayers.

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Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Those are alarming statistics!!!!
You are such a loving person to give so much of your time to the youth that need a foundation and stability.

Sherry, you asked if you could use my hot tamale heart picture - and yes you may!