Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Love Abounds Here Today

What does LOVE look like in your home?

Today I wanted to share with you What Love Looks Like In My Home . . .

The Cowboy left earlier to go get tires on our new Tahoe. Well not new, new. Just new to us.
Here's what I saw when he returned!

See the cart? See the sack of veggies being cared by the . . . well it isn't Cowboy. I didn't get a photo of him carrying the sack of veggies so I thought I would improvise. This is what he actually brought home . . .

Oh I am in love. I love okra. And he also brought . . .

He knows I love salad. And he brought . . .

Frozen peas. Well two out of three isn't bad! He is a little confused I prefer frozen to canned veggies. But peas are well my least favorite. He couldn't find the brocolli and he said he thought we had corn. But I am not complaining.

He also brought home brick chili, crab claws, and avacado's. I love my avacado's, milk and a couple of other things that really aren't important.
So now your wondering. Why is this a big deal? Well if your a regular reader here you know Cowboy doesn't really like vegetables. He would prefer a steady diet of meat and potatoe's. That is it. But he knows I like veggies. And salad. And he knows that health wise it is better for me. Him too but he won't admit that.

And so today I saw love because he brought home veggies. I am wondering does your husband show you love in little ways like this that no one else would even notice?
JoAnne is the hostess of What does love look like in your home over at her blog One So Blessed. She didn't put up a linky today and I hope that she hasn't decided not to do this little meme.


Denise said...

I love you, thanks for sharing.

Joanne@ Blessed... said...

I'm back! Sorry, for the delay. But, I put up my post finally. You can leave a comment in the comment area. I'll be good as new next week. And if you want you can link this post to next week's meme too!

I LOVE peas, by the way!