Monday, September 13, 2010

Embracing My Second Calling--Part 3

Welcome to the 3rd part of Embracing My Second Calling . . . Today I am going to share the beginning of Auto Mission and how God answered my prayer!

He didn't call us to ministry in Alaska! Here is Part 1 and Part 2 is here.

And now Part 3 begins . . .

It was in December of 2004 that God laid the vision of Auto Mission on my Cowboy's heart. The vision came while he was a stage hand during our churchs Christmas Pagent. At that time we were serving our church helping in the youth ministry wherever we could. Sometimes teaching, sometimes managed the cafe in the youth building, sometimes planning parties for the teachers. And it was during that time that we began to realize that even though the local church can provide great programs and events that there are just some kids hanging out that were just not hearing the gospel. Some kids in our local neighborhood might never set foot into a church to hear the gospel.

And one night during a performance as Cowboy sat in the dark God spoke to him. He heard God's voice clear as day telling him to minister to those kids. As he sat and pondered he thought to himself 'how can I do this?' And he asked himself the questions 'What are boys interested in?' Everyone laughs when we share this . . . Cowboy answered his own question 'Boys are interested in two things cars and girls.' And he realized as soon as the thought came into his head. 'Well I don't know much about girls but I do know a little about cars.'

It was within a few short days that miracles began to happen. The first was that we received our 501c3 declaration in 30 days. Everyone we have talked to agrees that this was a miracle we have spoken to other non-profits that spent months and months trying to get the approval.

Exactly 35 days after Cowboy was sitting in the dark one bright and sunny afternoon the doors of Auto Mission were open and boys were coming everyday after school.

Within in the first few weeks we were at capacity everyday.
Come back next week and I'll share how God opened doors to reach kids from 3 different school districts and 2 counties. And I'll share with you God's answer to Cowboys question 'Why me?'

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