Friday, February 5, 2010

Faith & Fruit on Friday & Giveway

Last Friday I wrote about something God has been putting on my heart. Actually two things. Faith and Fruit. This photo reminds me that I need to have the faith of a child. To trust him in all things.

It has been a somewhat rocky road this week. For me personally and for staff of our state's youth prison system. On Monday two boys from our facility found car keys in a volunteers coat pocket. They walked out the front door took the vehicle and ran. They were found a couple of days later. But the incident has caused many new rulers. And repercussions for some. Along with just annoying paper work etc.

The incident really doesn't effect our ministry except that we now have to through a new 2 hour training. No biggy really. But a couple of people that have become friends of mine through a working relationship have incurred lots of more duties and have had to deal with complaints from volunteers. So they have had really a bad week.

They have both been on my heart this week and so I have prayed for them and sent emails to encourage and lift them up.

Personally I am stuggling with keeping up the faith that God is control and will take care of us and provide. The corporate funds that we are expecting has been delayed so that delays our move. We did find a house but we promised to be able to pay deposits by today. That can't happen now. So I am on my knees and turning it over to God. Faith. I am working on it.

I could say alot more but it would end up ramblings from a tired, nyquil induced brain.

I hope that you are encouraged a little. Maybe just to look around you. Maybe God will show you someone that needs to be encouraged. Say a prayer for a friend or send a card. Or you might even leave a comment here and win this . . .

It would make a great gift. Just leave a comment. I am drawing on Monday. And hint, hint, there are not very many comments!

Praying you have a Blessed Friday and if you go on a date write about it and let me know! Friday Date Night is still underway.

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