Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Announcing My Etsy Shop

Tomorrow I'll be sharing a little about why I decided to take the plunge and put some things up on the Etsy Shop. I put some things on the sidebar. I promise I won't leave them up forever. It isn't my desire to turn this blog into a store. But I wanted to let you know what I am up to.

Soon I'll be moving the shop info. to the bottom of the page. But I wanted to highlight in for a few days. I need to get some stuff sold and moved out.

Because I am moving out. We did find a house in Southlake. If you have heard of it don't get all weird on me I am moving into a slum house compared to the other houses in the city. We love the little house.

But it is going to take every dime we can scrape up to make it happen. So the opening of The Mission Shop. I have lots and lots and lots of fabric to sell. If your a quilter or seamstress please begin checking I'll posting some things everyday.

I also have a few vintage kitchen items, and sewing supplies too. And I'll post a few quilts too. Just keep coming by and stay tuned.

Also dear friends please pray for us. My lifestyle has already changed this year due to ministry but once we move I'll be working a lot more in the fundraising efforts mostly writing grants but it will keep me from posting as much. I have a lovely office of my own that I will not have to share as long as I get some grants written and some funding coming in.

And if (strike over...I don't know how to do that) when I do then I hope to get back to the sewing room and making more Angel's and Santa's like the ones I have posted already.

Thanks for visiting. I know I need to get the background changed and I need to clean up the sidebar but with packing and getting stuff up for sale I am having a hard time keeping up. Please bear with me and please come back.

Don't forget I am still doing a book giveway. Go to my Monday post and leave a comment.
Or just comment here and say "I want the book".

Blessings and Hugs
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