Sunday, October 11, 2009

When the Journey began. . .

Today I am thinking about how the The Journey of this blog began.

I remember most of the thoughts, feelings and emotions that brought it about.
I remember the desires and longings.

Some of these emotions are documented. Some of them are still just buried within in me.

I know the reasons. And there is someone else who knows those reasons. And the reasons why I am in this nostalgic mood.

The one that knows those reasons is the one that hopefully leads me and directs me.

I pray that the words that leave my head, and my heart and that appear here are words that are uplifting and encouraging; disciplined and loving,kind,respecful and gentle. That they are shared in a spirit of compassion.

Through the months since I began sharing The Journey that I am on I have found some wonderful friends. And in the last few months some followers that hang on even when there are times that I am without words.

I love you all. I love all the kind comments. I try my hardest to let you all know when I visit.

Because for me some days it is the visits I receive here and the kind written words that get me through the day.

My Journey continues I hope with each one of you. With those of you that have encouraged me without even knowing it. Those that give words of wisdom. Those that just share thier family time and just make me smile.

A few months ago I began slowy making some changes to the things I write about here. I made changes to topics and began writing here more about homemaking. My Home Sanctuary shares the heart of a homemaker. A mother, a wife and sometimes a daughter.

While My Journey should be and remain focused on my Spiritual Journey.
Occasionally and probably more often than not The Journey will also focus on our ministry.

It is because of the ministry that I began this blog. I hope that you will join me. Over the next few days I will be writing more about The Journey and where I am now and why.

As I looked back over my first post I began to remember some of the thoughts and feelings I had. The hearts desire that I had.

Today I look at God. And today I ask God to give me my hearts desire. Not in the that I ask him to give me what I want. But that he puts in my heart what he wants.

Today I invite you on The Journey
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