Sunday, October 25, 2009

Spritual Sunday

Once upon a time there were three trees.

Each of them had grand plans and wanted to do great things.

Tree #1 wanted to do something mighty to be a treasure maybe a treasure chest.

Tree #2 wanted to be a mighty sailing ship.

Tree #3 wanted to be a mighty structure maybe a famous building.

Each tree became disappointed when they were chopped down and turned into different things.

Tree #1 was sad... he became a manger to feed animals.

Tree #2 was sad he was only merely a small fishing boat.

Tree #3 was the saddest of all he was only a pile of scrap wood.

All three tree's had grand plans for thier future but they were sad because they didn't realize thier own importance.

You see

tree #1 was the most famous manger in history after all because Jesus slept there.

tree#2 wasn't merely a fishing boat he was the boat that Jesus sailed in.

tree #3 became a symbol of Hope and Salvation

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