Friday, October 23, 2009

Thinking about....

I just love this photo. I can imagine jumping in the truck and going off and having a romantic picnic. Although this looks like these folks just finished an apple harvest.

My thoughts fall along the lines of the romantic mostly because having fun (now don't get more wrong; not talking about 'that kind of fun' ) LOL just any kind of fun.

You know stuff like:
shopping going to a movie
dinner out vacationing ....

You see it has been so long that I/we have done anything like that I can't even think of fun stuff to put on the list. Oh wait one more
I should have changed this list to things we used to do
We used to do stuff like that. I used to love to go to antique malls or little shops with Cowboy.
I actually used to love to do all those things with friends or with my daughter.

But, life has changed. Circumstances have changed. For me. For us. Because of our financial situation all of those things are out of the ? now. Except maybe for the window shopping part but it takes gas to do that.

I wonder. As I sit and ponder and dream of havin' fun. Are you reading this and having the same thoughts go through your mind?

Or did your thoughts click in on ...we used to do that. We used to go on 'date night' before.

What is your before? What caused you to stop having fun? Are you in the same boat I am thinkin' about and dreamin'.

Well girl stop thinkin' about it...come up with something fun to do and drag that man off the couch....

That is exactly what I did this morning. Well actually he wasn't on the couch we were already going to deliver backpacks for our ministry and the the dog was in the truck with us so I twisted his arm and suggested we take the dog to the park.

It was fun. And almost romantic.

And so it got me to thinking. I need your help. I need your ideas. How do you have fun.
Will you join me in havin' fun. Will you share your ideas with those of us that have gotten in a rut or have allowed circumstances to kill the fun?

Since I am an old fashioned girl that remembers Date night please focus your ideas around how to have a date night with your one and only.

So between now and next Friday will you guys post your ideas and then come back and link your post here next friday. Now I know most of you guys don't post on Friday so I'll put the link up on Thursday night. It only takes a couple of minutes to link. So please come on over and do it. It will be Fun.

And to thank you for joining me and helping me have fun. I am having a drawing. I'll draw a name every Friday. Each week the winner will receive a lovely gift that will get you all ready for your Friday date night with your one and only.

Thanks for helping me have Fun along the Journey to getting back to Date Night.

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