Tuesday, September 15, 2020

And Then Inspiration Struck-Sharing Special Keepsakes

Good morning and Welcome to the blog today . . .

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. . . . I'm sharing with you how inspiration struck  but before I share the inspiration I will share why I've had to change things move things around to make snacks and fruits more easily accessible for the Cowboy.

 And then in the kitchen I had to make a change with where and how I store my Flour mainly because I had stored it in a large canister to hold a whole sack of Flour above my oven and microwave but with the issues the Cowboys has been having with his shoulder he couldn't pull it down for me anymore and so I've had to make changes and move things around I put my Flour in a smaller canister and now it sits on the counter and this is when inspiration struck I've always loved this look
But I don't have any pretty vintage tea cups.  The other day when I was washing a dish that I had used for another purpose I realized I have just the thing!  And it's been in my cupboard all along!

These little dishes  we're perfect  to dip in the Flour Bin and pull out a scoop of Flour.  And now my Flour and Sugar Bins are ever so pretty sitting on my counter!
I remember growing up and admiring them sitting on the shelf in my mothers kitchen.  She never used them.  They among a few other precious items that I managed to bring home to my house when Mother and Daddy moved to Tennessee and closed up their own house.  
MaMa only had the 3 matching bowls.  She said she got them out of Oatmeal.  I found the similar bowl at an attic mall.  I always look. 
But in all these years I have only ever found these 2.  Maybe some day. 

 Lately I've managed to get the Cowboy to take short afternoon jaunts . . . 
We went on Sunday to an Antique mall that is close to us.  We didn't find my green dishes. 

I've always loved this little dishes.  I use them rarely but as often as I can find a reason.  

And now instead of sitting in the cupboard I see them and use them almost everyday!  

This makes me Happy!

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Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Thanks so much for stopping by!! Love those sweet green bowls and what a great idea to use them as scoops for your cannisters!! When will you be hosting your Tea Party? Let me know and I will decide if I will participate because right now i am in the middle of ripping the house apart, decorating for Fall and Halloween...I would love to but my Dining Room will soon be ripped apart and redecorated....

My thrift store addiction said...

What pretty green dishes! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!