Friday, July 31, 2020

Foodie Friday And How I Made It . . .

Good Morning!  Welcome to Foodie Friday.  the day I share my Rustic Dinner, Lunch and Breakfast plates and a recipe or a kitchen tip.  There was some yummy food on those Rustic plates this week.
I pulled some Filet Mignon from the freezer.  
How I Made It . . . 
 I googled how to cook it.  The instructions were exactly opposite of a reverse sear.  You start on the stove top then put in the oven.

This entire meal came from a Food Pantry.  Amazing that F.M. was included.   The Scalloped Potatoes were the pre-made kind you buy in the Deli and then bake.  
Some days I manage to get the Cowboy to eat breakfast.  I was rationing eggs so I made Pancakes from a complete mix.  
How I Made It . . . 
It only needs water added.  I added a lunch box container of Applesauce.   I cut up some Strawberries and added a little Brown Sugar and a bunch of Butter.
I think at least I hope this is a bit healthier than bottled Syrup.  At least I know what all the ingredients are.
He didn't want is picture taken but I managed to snap one while held the pie.  He was so excited to get his favorite Coconut Meringue.
He didn't know I got this shot.  Don't tell.
Back to boring Same 'ole Same 'Ole meals but this one was good.  We love Taco's.  We got some Guacamole.  Taco's paired perfectly.

I was very happy with how this lunch turned out.  
Looks a little well let's move on the next pic is better. 

We had some left over Chicken Tenders from the other night.  I don't think I got a pic that night.  It was a long day and then I had to fry chicken. 
How I Made It . . . 
 I took a couple leftover Chicken Tenders  and roughly chopped into bite size pieces and then toss in a skillet a couple minutes with Sweet Baby Ray's Wing Sauce.  I filled a Flour Tortilla with Lettuce. Spinach and the Chicken.  The cool Grapes and Cucumbers made a great meal.

A quick and easy Breakfast and the Eggs were just right.  
How I Made It . . . 
I made a simple Hash using leftover Pork Loin.  I peeled and diced the Potato's then I dropped them in hot oil for 
a couple min. Then I pulled them to stand for a bit.  This is similar to the way Rachel Ray makes fries.  Then you pop them back into the pan and they get crispy.  I mixed in the Pork some Cumin, Paprika, Garlic powder and Onion powder.
The first meal of the Filet Mignon.  There were 4 in the package. It was actually better I think.  I think my pan was hotter.  I made Mashed Potato's with half and half and lots of Butter and just plain yummy Green Beans.

And a meal we were waitin to try . . . 

We were excited to get this Chili in a pouch.  I/we thought it would be great for camping and R.V. trips
You know for when we win the Lottery . . .
Chili Dogs for lunch a perfect chance try the Chili.  Well let's just say it is not going on any camping trips.  The flavor was not good and there were actual meat balls of meat.  
These sub rolls didn't make good Hot Dog bun either. I liked the whole meal a bit better than the Cowboy I think because I put Mustard on my bun/roll made it a little tastier.

Another meal flop.  This one was actually my fault I tried to 'wing it' and make Gumbo from a mix.  It wasn't the fault of the mix. I didn't read the instructions well.  I also used leftover Fajita Chicken and it just didn't work as well as cooking raw Chicken.  

The Scallops in Lemon Butter sauce and Angel Hair Pasta saved the day.

And lastly the Strawberry Bread I made last week.  I had wrapped it and put it in the freezer.  One morning I couldn't get the Cowboy interested until I mentioned French Toast
Oh yum.  It was so good!  The Strawberry Bread was really sweet.  I didn't even add the glaze to it that was in the original recipe which actually is what caught my eye in the first place.  It was really more like a cake.  I think I will try again with less sugar and I will do a better job of chopping the Strawberries and distributing them throughout the batter.

Thanks for stopping in. 
I hope I've inspired you to cook something Yummy!
Come back soon!

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