Sunday, July 15, 2018

Slow Start To A New Week-Happy Homemaker In Texas

 I hope your are having a Beautiful start to your week.
Over here it's a slow start hence my afternoon Monday post which normally posts on Saturday.  

I googled Slow Start and found a couple of quotes. . . 
Slow Start Strong End

The Hidden Blessings In A Slow Start

Pretty good quotes to lean on today.  And there is a scripture I am focusing own . . . 
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On with today
Joining Sandra.  She provides prompts.  I add a few of my own.

The weather
it's been hot but it is supposed to be in upper 80's most of the week.  Cloudy all week except some rain maybe on Wednesday!

Right now I am
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On the breakfast plate
I did not work today.  I have been on the computer most of the morning.  No breakfast today.  I did drink my usual Dr. Pepper well today it was Coke it was cheaper.   I am planning on reheating a plate of homemade spaghetti from last night that was so yummy!

On my reading pile
I seriously am getting to the Becky Wade book this week.  I have been talking about it for a couple of weeks. 
Falling for You (A Bradford Sisters Romance Book #2) by [Wade, Becky]
A few others for review the end of this month and July . .  . 
Reading this one now on my phone.  A page turner!
And for later on . . . 
Rock Legend
I read the first one it was a good clean romance.  This one follows up with some of the other characters a good series I am enjoying.

In the kitchen 
Last week I mentioned I wanted to try a new Mac/Cheese recipe.
This recipe for homemade mac and cheese has been featured on several top mac and cheese lists. It is the perfect base recipe for classic mac and cheese. ( Make with pepperjack)
It ended up being super yummy.  I made a few changes.  I called for Panko I didn't have any so I crushed croutons.  It was even better the next day heated in a skillet!  Click here for the recipe.

The menu-last week/this week
I pretty stayed on track last with week the menu with the exception of cooking tacos on Friday instead of the Tuna Casserole.

This week I don't have anything planned just eating out of the freezer.  
I do want to make that Tuna Casserole on Wednesday so I'll have leftovers for work on Thursday.

Skipping The Fun To Share/  Something You Need to Know
A couple of months ago we found out that there was an outstanding student loan for our daughter.  The thing was it was in The Cowboys name.  We thought we had consolidated all of the loans many, many years ago.
This one wasn't paid off.  It was a government loan and ended up being attached to his retirement.  We were hit with a $268.98 deduction from his monthly social security check.  We were not expecting and not planned for.  
So with that said before you plan retirement do some more digging and make sure that there is nothing like this hanging out there!

In the garden
The Sunflowers are blooming.  The make me smile.

My Ta Da moment
I finished the quilting Saturday on my Patriotic quilt and finished the first step of the binding.  I dislike binding.  

Here's something fun to share after all
The biding tutorial I always go to because.  I don't do it often and forget how to start/finish. This is a great tutorial.
Click here to visit Cluck Cluck Sew (I love her blog name!) she is one nifty quilting.  There is lots of eye candy there. 

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