Saturday, July 14, 2018

Happy Homemaker in Texas

Welcome back.  I have been AWOL and hopefully this will be a 
better week for me.  Alot has been going that has distracted me from my normal posting.  Let's hope it's all behind me.  Hmmm. 
We'll see.  And no onto Happy Homemaking!
by Sandra at Family Corner.  Sandra provides the prompts
I add a few of my own.

The weather
Hot.  It is that time of the year in Texas.  But we had a really nice rain shower after a very heavy storm on Thursday.  Trees down in the neighborhood.  My garden loved the nice rain!  
Today it is 85 now and mostly sunny.  
Creeping into the triple digits for the week ahead clouds and no rain

I am thinking
That I have missed posting.  I missed writing and visiting other blogs. 

Right now I am 
Enjoying a peaceful Saturday.  Except for the sound of the washer going all is peaceful. 

On my breakfast plate
If I can make it till I am done writing this post.  Pancakes with
Cranberries.  I might not get this post done till noon.  HeHe.

On my reading pile
I have been slowing down a little just too busy to read. 
Here's a couple I'll be reading this week.
Disorderly Conduct (4).JPG Actually I am reading this one now. 
To be read next week 

And one I can not wait to read
Read all about Murder by Perfection at the Thorny Rose page!

Sandra's prompt  On my T.V.
I watch very little t.v.  What are you watching?

On the menu for next week
This seems to be harder and harder for me to do.  But so necessary!

Burgers with Guacamole (grilled inside in a grill pan that I am loving)
French Fries a simple yummy meal 
Watermelon just yummy

Tuna Casserole 
Brocolli Salad and more Watermelon

Chicken Thighs (found on sale) need a recipe

Fajita's, Spainish Rice and Beans

Probably left over Chicken Thighs

In the kitchen
A delicious dog treat made with pumpkin and apple
Trying to get these made today!
On my To Do list
Planning fall planting
Finish getting room ready for mother to stay/visit (?)
Put away July 4th decor. 
Mail July 4th Giveaway.  The winner Debbie Dabble

My Ta Da moment
I made it through the week!

In the craft basket
What's that?  I miss crafting.  I did see this really sweet 
angel quilt I have started peeking at me.  Maybe I could work on it a bit.  Who knows maybe we will be having a new baby in the family soon!

A fun moment this week

Free Slurpee's and $1.00 hot dogs on 7/11 day.

In the garden
Any idea what this plant is?
I took a clipping from a pretty bushey looking plant at a clients.
The flowers when opened look like Cosmos.  When closed they look like a small Rose bud.  I hope it will root.

Fabulous Features from The Fabulous Party

 The Bearded Hiker joined us again with another Fabulous
Instant Pot BBQ Brisket! No smoker? No problem. You pressure cooker will turn out a bad-A brisket in a fraction of the time. Promise.
Briskit in a Hot Pot.  Yum. Yum. Click here

And our Fabulous winner of the July 4th drawing Debbie Dabble.
She shared a couple posts. 

Click here to visit her blog.

From the camera
From my Daughter In Love's camera
My son's garden at his work.

Free Printable! "Let all that you do be done with love."

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