Sunday, July 1, 2018

Family Supper-Planning For The 4th

Welcome to Family Supper.  Where we talk about eating together.
Today I am sharing a few plans for the 4th of July
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We're starting a new tradition this year.  A Family Supper inside.
We'll go out for a bit for pictures with the sunflowers.  S'mores 
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A couple of the guests are experts at Sparklers
One will be reading a book waiting patiently for S'mores and Sparklers
There's a good view from that tree.  Great place to keep an eye on the smoker!
The Cowboy will be resting up after smoking all the meat!
And a special guest we will have to talk into coming

It will be a little hard to convince her to pass by Apple Bee's on the way.  
But maybe our menu of 
Image result for Barbecue ribs Image result for pinto beans Image result for deviled eggs
The Cowboy is smoking the meat.  Ribs and Briskit.
He's making the beans too. 
Our Grandson will be making the eggs. 
Our daughter is making Corn Dip and Pasta Salad and brewing the tea. 
I'll be making Corn on Cob and a few other things. Chocolate. 
We need Chocolate!  
I'll be setting the table and doing the decorations to make 
everything all festive. 
It'll be quite the afternoon and evening.  I am looking forward to some fun times.  

July 4th a great time for a Family Supper.
What are you doing on the 4th?

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