Monday, July 30, 2018

I Tried To Write This Post Yesterday . . .

I did try.  I tried to come up with something clever.  I tried to find some pretty photos to include but it just didn't happen.  I have nothing clever.  I only have the truth.   And sometimes it hurts
This is only BIBLICAL, when it is aligned with HIS WORD. WE ARE NOT CALLED TO ROB<=, KILL or DESTROY OTHERS, families, or people. cunt I will keep cursing you and it will come into your lap balls to the wall...
The main reason it hurts and is hurting is my mother (that I wish 
I could call MaMa but that is another post).  Visited with us 
4th of July week.  We took her home on Saturday only to go back and move her into our house on Tuesday. 

It was our hope that with love and some good food and supervision
she might begin to feel better.  

But that didn't happen.  Last Monday we had to call an ambulance to take her to the hospital.  She was there until last Friday when she moved to Rehab.  
Mother was diagnosed with a Urinary Tract Infection.  In addition her 92 year old heart is just acting its age.  Because of the UTI she 
is very confused and showing signs of Dementia.
Because my work is flexible I have been able to spend alot of 
time with her.  She cannot feed herself.  I have to help her or an aide can help but they have so many folks that need to help I go 
for lunch and dinner to relieve them and encourage her. 
And so I didn't get a Happy Homemaker in Texas post written the last couple of weeks.  On Sunday I was super late posting the 
Fabulous Party.  And I've just haven't been able to really get any posting down.  
I don't know when our life will be back to normal.  I really don't 
know if it ever will be.  If mother improves she will come live with us.  If she doesn't she'll be staying in the rehab and moving to 
long-term care. 
Either scenerio opens another whole can of worms in dealing with her apartment and closing it up.  Sorting through her things and deciding which kids and grand kids get what etc., etc., etc.

I hope to be back soon.  I hope to be able to visit you and share something of value with you.  

I am looking forward to 
August and . . . 

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